We can create a beautiful, engaging video story about your life. Told in your words to share with your loved ones.

Our friendly professional crew will set up an interview you in your preferred location. We also get cutaway shots of photographs, mementos, or footage of you engaged in your favourite activity, plus music and anything else you want to include.

Using our pro editing suite, we craft the footage into a wonderful video that you’ll be excited to share with friends and family. The best part is that this is a gift that will last through generations. Imagine your great, great grandchildren being able to watch you speaking about your life!

The comfort of our clients is paramount and we strive to ensure that they are satisfied with the final product. This also makes an amazing gift.

The Legacy Video Process

We like to chat and get to know our clients a little, to enable a more informed and comfortable process. This is a chance for clients to ask any questions and to give us the info we need to write our questions, to shape our interview and additional footage.  

We agree on the date and location. Questions in advance so that clients can begin to formulate their thoughts and think about they would like to say. This is also an opportunity clients to have input into the questions and any ideas they may have.

Usually we allow 2-3 hours for filming. We also allow an extra day for additional footage at other locations. We take time before hand to prep and ensure the comfort of our clients. This includes hair & makeup if required. Setting up lights to ensure a flattering and professional look and talking through the questions. We are happy to stop recording at any time and restart when the client is ready. Clients provide photographs etc, which we copy for the edit.

We allow 2-3 weeks for editing. During the process, we show clients the “rough cut” to ensure that they are happy with their video. This is an opportunity to make any changes or add anything before the final version. We finish with music, titles and finishing touches.

We email a link for clients to view the video, as well as posting a hard copy of the video in the mail.

We love to hear how our clients found the process and what they thought of the final product. So far we have had amazing feedback!

Legacy Video Testimonials

“My video has already been enjoyed by various family members and friends. My intention was to put it away for discovery later but it has taken on a life of its own and demonstrates to me the value our stories have and how they knit families and people together. It has been bought out and view several times already!”

– Angela Brownlee

“I just watched the video you filmed of my Dad the other day and was in tears. It meant a lot to him. And it now means my daughters can see what her Granddad was like and learn about his life. Thank you.”

– Nicole Celeste


In our experience, everyone has an interesting story to tell… So, what are you waiting for?